Doors in Katoomba

“When you follow your bliss…doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors… – Joseph Campbell

In December of 2018, my husband and I (plus 4 of my in laws) took the train from Sydney to the Blue Mountains for a day trip. We stopped in Katoomba, a small mountain village, to have lunch and a bit of a walk around.

If you know me, from my previous site, you will know that I love looking and searching for Streetart. So when I happened to see this sign that says Katoomba Streetart, imagine how excited I got. But really, it was a big surprise as I didn’t expect it to be this grand. When I went in a small alleyway, the street art kept on going and going and going. It looked like something taken from the laneways of Melbourne and not from a small country town.

I am featuring some streetart doors for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge- Doors in Katoomba.


  1. They’re talented artists. Cities are now using street art as a means of promotion. But I wonder, how do the inhabitants of these houses react to being painted like this and then having their picture taken all the time?

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