“Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see.” – unknown

Had my morning walk with these beautiful feathered friends. After a few days of cloudy, cold, foggy and gloomy days, the sun is out.

For Sunshine’s Reflections Challenge and Jez’s Water Water Everywhere Challenge – WWE



  1. Lovely! A technical question: I noticed the change of the size of your photos. For example, in your previous, street art post the photos were a bit too small for my huge screen (I never read blog on my phone). In this post, the size is better. Does it depend what you use to take photos?

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    1. In my previous blog, I finished up all my space in no time, so this time I am making it smaller because I am using the free WordPress. What plan are u using? I noticed too that you are changing your site several times already.

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      1. Exactly! I fill up my blogs as well! The previous one didn’t even last one year. I decided to set the size of the photos to medium before uploading them. Before I have them large and the space filled up too quickly. I’ll have a look at your new blog and see which ones are too small.

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