Am I Ready for This?

“Remember we’re all in this alone.” – Lily Tomlin

The countdown begins …

The Premier of Victoria, Australia announced the “cautious first step”, with a slight easing of coronavirus restrictions effective from 11:59pm, Tuesday night, 12 May and in place until 11:59 pm on May 31.

I know I am looking forward to this day, but am I happy now that it’s here? Mixed emotions really… in as much as I desperately want to see my friends and family, there’s still new cases of COVID19… no vaccine for it yet… I am over 60 and have other health issues.

So… Am I ready for this?


  1. I get it, it’s kind of scary. But I am so ready to get out and about, so we’re going to be careful, and we’re going to get out. I think after we get out a bit, it will feel less unsettling. But I get it for sure!

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    1. That’s for sure, just have to think positive! I have a scheduled catch up with a few of my friends tomorrow, too. But I guess the thought just lingers at the back of my mind. Especially that I have had a stroke before and the thought of being in a hospital again keeps me up awake sometime. Have a good day Lisa!

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