“My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been.” – Diane Arbus

Being by myself at home during the day is a situation not new to me as I had been doing this since I had my stroke in 2017. Doing video calls on weekends to family is also not new to me, as my son is in London for a few years now.

But the stillness of life in current situation, the rules, the lack of freedom, the stress and the anxiety THAT is what is different. For two months my only interaction with the outside world is when I take my daily morning walk. Taking photos of birds, flowers, the wetlands, the sunset has become one the most enjoyable activity of my day.

Though restrictions have eased here in Melbourne, my husband is continually working and I have started catching up with friends, my favourite pastime still remains and nothing could be better than that.

This is for Sunshine’s Macro Challenge, for Jez’s WWE Water Water Everywhere and for Sue’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge – Pastimes


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