The Doors of St Pancras

“He who is outside his door has the hardest part of his journey behind him.” – Flemish Proverb

In the heart of London’s busy King’s Cross stands the majestic St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. The hotel has a stunning red, brick facade and is an example of Gothic Revival Architecture.

These photos of doors and arches and entry walkways are for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge- The Doors of St Pancras

The hotel is adjoined to the St Pancras Train Station, one of the most spectacular train stations in the world.

‘The Meeting Place’, a 9 metre tall bronze sculpture of a man and a woman in an embrace, can be found in the St Pancras international train station. This sculpture was produced by Paul Day and has been on display since 2007.

The hotel’s facade is a castle like structure and has been used for photo shoots as it is so Instagrammable.


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