“Flowers grow out of dark moments.” – Corita Kent

Going out and seeing my daughter for the first time since lockdown is an amazing feeling. But being able to go out and experience the world again after being cooped up in the confines of my own home for several weeks is a bit daunting.

But being with my husband and daughter in her place where she cooked slow cooked pork … we kneaded together flat bread … walked to the local cafe (a few people at a time) … did a few hundred steps on the walking trail near her house (with people walking past me and some on their bikes ooops “social distancing people”) … such a great feeling and I forgot all my anxiety of leaving my own home.

On our walk I saw these roses which have delicate, pleasantly soft, faint pink colours. So I said why not, I can post them for Ann-Christine’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge and for Cee’s FOTD Challenge.


    1. Painting is a good way to relax. I am starting to paint too, haven’t done so in years, we shall see how I go. Stay safe my friend…as we are both in lockdown, LA and here in Victoria, Australia.

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