Doors and Street Art

“The EARTH without ART is just EH.” – anonymous

Though Melburnians are already allowed to go out in the streets, have coffee at their favourite cafes and restaurants, I am still hesitant, having a “wait and see” attitude. People have a tendency to go over the top sometimes and disregard social distancing, so maybe I’ll give it a few more weeks to settle the excitement.

So today, I still have something that I haven’t posted before from my archives, for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge – Mural Doors and for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge CFFC- Graffiti and Murals


  1. Really like this collection.What fascinates me is that these murals are untouched. Here in Holland, they would have long been destroyed by people just spraying their signs all over them

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    1. Here, it really depends on the area. These have been there for a long time but in the Melbourne CBD laneways, it only lasts a few weeks before another graffiti or another artwork is painted over.

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