The Road that takes You…

“There’s no road to happiness. It’s more of a winding path through hills and valleys. In the end it’s the journey that matters.” – unknown

At the start of the year, we experienced massive bushfires in several areas of the Victoria region in Australia. We haven’t fully recovered from that when we had the Covid-19 outbreak resulting in deaths of millions of people globally. Then just this weekend, protesters defied coronavirus warnings to march on the streets for the issue of racism and equality.

I am not sure if things will still get worse than what it is now but I am hopeful that we will all be eventually on this road to recovery. It will be a long and winding road…

This is for Tina’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge – The Long and Winding Road


The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia

The winding Patapat Bridge in Ilocos Norte, Philippines


Ben Nevis Mountains in the Scottish Highlands

At the Brighton Pier in Melbourne


  1. A lovely set of winding roads Teresa. I was happy to see how many of them I’ve seen as well! I think it means I must visit the Philippines as it’s the only place in your set that I’ve missed and your road is calling me there!!

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