Discover the Windows of Carcassonne

 “As long as you have a window, life is exciting.” – Gladys Taber

I love Carcassone, a medieval city in the south of France. There is so much to see just by going to the old citadel, to the old town as well as in the city centre.

Oh, and did I mention, there are so many windows in Carcassonne?  This is for Ludwig’s Monday Windows Challenge – Discover the Windows of Carcassonne

View from the windows and crevices on the walls of La Cite, the medieval historic citadel in Carcassonne.

And then there is this little church, the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Sante, that is at the end of the bridge across from the medieval town. Inside you can feel the serenity while looking at the stained glass windows.


  1. Have you noticed how windows open in France? Towards the inside and over the whole window, there the air really comes in. Not like in Anglo-Saxon countries, or at best a piece slides up or sideways and you have to twist your neck to get your head outside 🙂

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