The Iwahig Prison Doors

“Even behind prison walls I can see the heavy clouds and the blue sky over the horizon.”- Nelson Mandela


This is a peaceful road which took us to the Iwahig Penal Colony in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines way back in 2010. At first glance you won’t even notice that it is a prison based on how quiet the place is. But it is an active prison where about 2000 criminals are serving time. 


This is for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge- The Iwahig Prison Doors.


It is a minimum security prison where inmates are allowed to move around freely, no fences, no bars. They have chores in the farm raising animals and planting crops. Some make wood carvings and souvenir items that they get paid for and is a source of livelihood for them and for their family. The families of the prisoners can live with them so this area has about 4000 residents.


  1. Hi Teresa, Interesting post – maybe it’s a better place to live than other options, especially if the family can be there. Food and a roof over your head, a lot more than some people have. Beautiful does for such a potentially grim place.

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    1. Yes, and I believe the inmates love it there and they donโ€™t like to leave the place anymore. Tourists also come and buy whatever handicrafts they make like necklaces, keychains, etc. earning their keep. Thanks for the visit Geanie.


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