Wanderlust in Prague

“Prague does not have its name for no reason – in truth, Prague is a threshold between the life on Earth and Heaven, a threshold much thinner and narrower then in any other places…” – Gustav Meyrink

Prague, the moment I set my eyes on you…

I have been to a few countries but I can’t seem to get my mind off how beautiful Prague is. Maybe it’s the cobblestone streets, maybe it’s the castles, maybe it’s the tranquility and chaos all at the same time, maybe it’s the overcast weather that greeted us there… who knows. But even now, just by looking at the following photos (not saying that my photos are great) I can feel the love all over again.

This is for Patti’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge- Some Quiet Moments in Prague

Unusual quiet times in Charles Bridge and Kampa Island during sunrise when all the other tourists are still fast asleep, a quiet walk home from Petrin Hill and some quiet time aboard a river cruise when my husband and I escaped the crowd while all of the other passengers were still having their meal. Wonderful memories…



  1. gorgeous images of Prague ♥
    did you have to get up early to take the images of the Charles bridge? we visited Prague around Christmas and there were millions of people everywhere and all the time 😀

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