Is It Real?

“Remember that what you believe will depend very much on what you are,” – Noah Porter

Here are some unusual murals that make me want to think it is for real.

This is for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge and for BeckyB’s July Squares- SquarePerspectives – is It Real?

Painting of Doors on a building in Toledo, Spain.

It seems like you are going out the door and falling into the sky in the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Some puppets standing outside the doors in Madrid, Spain.

Some paintings of people in an apartment building in Avignon, France.

Painting of a lady waiting for a train and a painting of a perspective extension to a building in Prague, Czech Republic.

Quirky painting of characters that seem to be inside the doors and windows in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Panting of two well known Hungarian painters in the main street of Szentendre, Hungary.

Also in Szentendre, Hungary

Painting of Doors and windows in a cafe in Budapest

When it seems like people standing on doorways at the top floor of the lavish architecture of the building in Budapest.


    1. Thanks for the comment Stephen. I had to look up trompe l’oeil” and yes it is! But one of the other bloggers have mentioned that these artworks may not be there anymore at this present time…as that is the life span of some street arts.

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