Trash or Treasure?

“Nothing always stay the same.
You don’t stay happy forever.
You don’t stay sad forever.” – Cat Zingano

Wearing a mask has just been made mandatory since yesterday here in Melbourne. Cases of Covid-19 has continually gone higher day by day and fatality count has gone up too, mostly among the elderly. I am really feeling the sadness and the anxiety now especially that I haven’t seen my daughter for more than a month now topped with the gloomy winter weather … it kinda feels depressing.

So I have decided to post something that I usually did during happier times. Sunday was catching up and brunch time with my daughter, Pat. Went to Alimentary Smith Street, a quirky cafe in Collingwood, Melbourne. It has exposed brick walls, hanging flowers, with plates, saucers, old wash basins, chairs and rolling pins hanging. Some may say it’s trash …some may say it’s a great find. What do you think?

Some chairs for Xingfumama’s Pull Up a Seat Challenge- Chair on the Wall and for BeckyB’s July Squares- SquarePerspectives – Trash or Treasure



37 replies to “Trash or Treasure?

  1. Great photos. Yes it must be so hard for everyone in Victoria. I speak to my 25 yr old son Laurence a few times a week, he has been in Melbourne for two years with his girlfriend. They are really missing Perth. I last saw him in March, hopefully they can get back for at Christmas. Hope you can stay positive 🙂

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      1. We all are, I’m living in Perth with my husband and I have a daughter who is 28 and lives with her partner and their 2 year old son, my pride and joy and she is having a daughter in September. I am truly blessed. We were in Hong Kong though for 14 years and lived through SARS so I can appreciate how scary things are for you.

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        1. That is a bit okey then, at least you’re just in one country. Congrats for having a new grandchild soon. My daughter Pat, is only In another suburb in Melbourne but my son, Tim, is in London. Let’s just for for better things to come our way.Have a good weekend, Alison.

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  2. Sorry to hear about the cases going up there, here the same! Masks are mandatory as well! Seems that we will never get rid of this virus! These photos are pretty, really a refreshing for our eyes! Stay safe!

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth, goo you like the photos.. We are all trying to be safe and following rules as much as possible. But some individuals are still not doing the right thing. That happens everywhere, I guess.

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  3. I like the rolling pins, Teresa. Very quirky!
    We have to wear masks here in England in shops from today, transport has been like that for a while. Seems a little late, but there you go… every little helps I suppose. Hope things improve there quickly for you. 🙂

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  4. what a fabulous and cheerful perspective, you are so right one persons treasure is another’s rubbish.

    Do hope they get your numbers under control again soon. Don’t look to us though for advice. England seems to have no idea what it is doing

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    1. Thanks for liking it, Becky. Oh, but my son just went to a pub there in London and they are doing well in using sanitisers and social distancing in cubicles. 😣 Stay safe.


  5. sorry your numbers are up, Techie. but i like how you turn around and share the fun. these are great finds. how wonderful that these rubbish are used in a more pleasing way. so definitely treasure! thanks! 🙂

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      1. same here. sa Cali, where our daughter lives, eh back to square one. madami talaga pasaway.
        praying we get back to some kind of normalcy soon. take care, dear friend 🙂 🙂

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