The Yarra River in Melbourne

“Hang In There Victoria.”

About a quarter of a million Victorians will be stood down from their jobs or told to stay home from work, as entire industries across Melbourne are ordered to close to stop the spread of COVID-19 by midnight, Wednesday.

That’s on top of the 500,000 people who are already working from home, and 250,000 others stood down earlier in the crisis. ABCNews

Sad times…. sad time… so I thought of posting something from this beautiful place where I live. Hand in hand with Melbourne’d identity is the Yarra River, which is one of Victoria’s iconic waterways.

The featured photo was taken near the Crown Casino and the one below is at the Docklands, a modern harbour development near the CBD.

This is for Jez’s WWE Water Water Everywhere Challenge


        1. It is opposite for us and I am fearing when warmer weather comes and people tend to forget social distancing and go straight out of their houses to enjoy good weather.


      1. We are possibly the safest place in the world bar New Zealand. We have no cases other than returning travellers. We can go anywhere in our state no masks required. Cinemas pubs and restaurants are all open. WA is a large state so a fair few places to go away for a few days. We are very lucky but our borders remain closed inside and out so who knows how long that will be, until a vaccine?

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