“Are We There Yet?”

“Donkey: Are we there yet?
Shrek: No
Donkey: Are we there yet?
Fiona: No not yet
Donkey: Are we there yet?
Shrek: Yes
Donkey: Really?
Shrek: NO!!!”

It has been more or less five months since the start of the pandemic and boredom is creeping in fast. People have been thinking of more and more ways to combat this feeling.

A very timely topic for this week’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge is Tina’s Creativity in the Time of Covid

I have been trying to do several projects, some of them are successful, some are still in the process, some I have been looking forward to finish and some are a fail.

1) Taking photos of anything that I see around my 5km radius

2) Home Baking is enjoyable

3) Dinner for two made into a Masterchef kind of plating

4) My drawings that I have started but can’t seem to finish because of lack of motivation. 

5) My tapestry that I can’t wait to finish

6) And my almost daily zumba classes that I love doing and can be done sometimes with the camera off because I am too lazy to change from my pyjamas.

27 replies to ““Are We There Yet?”

  1. Wow Teresa, A+ for your commitment to creativity. Your works in process are SO impressive! I find food to be the biggest challenge of the pandemic and am quite bored with the “same old thing” . Your food and plating are inspiring me to do a bit better!


  2. Wow! You’re keeping yourself busy! Before I went back to work earlier this month, I was like a kid in a candy shop with so much extra time on my hands. I wanted to do “all the things” I never have enough time to do. I did get to some things, but often I spent my time just sitting in silence. That’s what my soul needed!

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