Wandering the Streets of Verona

“When you let your mind wander, make sure it’s to a beautiful place.”Doe Zantamata

In my post last week, I took you to Juliet’s Balcony in Verona, which is home to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Now, let me take you around the city to look at Verona’s gorgeous windows.

Palazzo Maffei

This is a beautiful Baroque architecture in the middle of the city and notice how the statues of the Greek gods are looking down on its gorgeous windows and amazing facade.

Ancient Frescoes

Many of the ancient buildings and houses have frescoes which bring colour and character to the streets and squares of Verona. It is said that these paintings on walls were done by artists for their clients to flaunt their wealth.

Traditional Windows

Verona’s architecture is remarkable, with its traditional Italian windows with plants overhanging on the balconies. They are so lovely to look at.

Newer Windows

These are mostly louvres and are very attractive in contrast to the colourful paint of the houses and buildings


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