Tree of Life

“I am at home among the trees.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

There won’t be any shortage of Coconut Trees in the Philippines as it is one of the top exports of the country. The coconut is popularly known as the “Tree of Life” because of the variety of products that comes from this tree. Aside from eating the coconut meat as it is and drinking its juice, it can also be made into a variety of bi-products.

I miss eating the coconut meat freshly picked from the tree and the vendor simply cuts an opening at the top of the coconut. We drink the juice with a straw. After finishing the juice, we then scrape the meat with a metal spoon.

That is a wonderful memory from long time ago….back to when I was still living in the Philippines.


    1. What aspect? is it that it is being used in many ways? it s being used as oil, husks used for making carpets, ribs used to make brooms, etc etc etc Are you surprised? haha


  1. Your pictures are so India. South of India where I live has tons of coconut trees all around. We use coconut in water, its water to drink, the husk is used in many ways too. So good to see these many trees in Philippines and makes me think that maybe South East Asia is good for this tree. Thank you for joining, Teresa! See you tomorrow.

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