Marchfelderhof in Vienna

“So live so that your memories will be part of your happiness.”- Unknown

Marchfelderhof, a restaurant in Vienna, is not your usual kind of place. We were already told that, by the Tour Director when we were on our way there. But nothing can compare to what the actual experience was. It started when our coach stopped on the opposite side of the street and all of the group went down. We were greeted by the rolling of the red carpet while we were escorted by the musicians to our tables.


Whoah the whole place is as you can say, crowded and exuberant by definition. It is packed with memorabilia, photos and collectibles . We had to keep our eyes open and look up, down, inside and out in order as not to miss anything…

Memorabilia of famous people that have visited the restaurant.

…even the toilets were not safe from surprises.

It is really an interesting visit if only for its quirky, weird and fun atmosphere. 

Photo opportunities before leaving to preserve some of those happy, memorable times.


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