It is Art…

“Just because it is not in a museum does not mean it is not art.” – #wittle art

I am fascinated with artists showing off their labour of love on streets, sidewalks, bridges and alleyways. I am always tempted to take their photos whenever or wherever I see them. I feel for these caricature sketchers , pastel sidewalk artists, landscape painters, etc… that for hours they put their heart and soul to finish an impressive art piece just to sell it to tourists who at times barter just to get the lowest price. Some of these are for sale while others are displayed to get some measly coin donations. And for the pastel artists, when the weather is not on hour side, it is just left there to be soaked in the rain and left to wash away, never to be seen again.

LAPC – Labour of Love Love

Pastel art pieces around Melbourne streets

In Las Ramblas, one of the most well- known and visited streets in Barcelona.

An artist outside the Uffizi Gallert in Florence

One of the artist in the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

A pastel art work done by an artist in Trafalgar Square in front of the National Gallery

Artists selling their wares in Charles Bridge in Prague.


  1. You’re so right Teresa, art is definitely in the eye of the beholder. I’ve often wondered who gets to say what is art that should be in a gallery and what is not. I must admit I’d not seen pastel art before. How sad that it simply washes away?! Wonderful choices this week.

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    1. Yes, Tina I have often seen these pastel drawings so beautifully done, usually in the streets of Melbourne. But then people just walk over it and don’t even notice that it was there after the artist has gone for the day. Thanks for the comment. ❤️

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  2. What a lovely response to this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #113. Art is definitely a labor of love, and you are so right — it is appreciated, but not everyone wants to show their appreciation by paying what it is worth. You’ve taken us to some lovely places with your photos — I’ve been to some but not all (would love to see Edinburgh), which reminds me that the problem is universal. Thanks for lovely photos, sharing your concerns, and making this challenge richer with your contribution.

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    1. Thanks too for the interesting prompt that made me think of past experiences. That is the only thing that we can hold on to these days until that time comes when we can all do it all again. ❤️

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        1. No harm in hoping, just don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t push through haha I am looking at just the neighbouring country to ours like New Zealand which is Covid free now I think. But I am not sure if they would like people from Melbourne to go there 😂

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          1. I’m afraid I did get my hopes up. I even thought that by summer, we’d be “out of the woods.” Now, I’m thinking this may never end!! Surely the truth is somewhere in between. For me, it’s not so devastating to stay home since I’m retired, and I’ve lived a full life. I just feel sorry for my sons, their wives, and my granddaughter. We all want the best for the next generation. So glad you took the time to connect and comment. Thanks!

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  3. Fantastic post! I love all kinds of art. My favorite things to bring home from a vacation is something handmade by someone from the area. I have a variety of items in my “vacation” room and I love them all. And if they share with me about the item, even better! I know some of these people work very hard to make a living from the tourists. I always want to appreciate them.

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  4. I am so glad you highlighted the street artists, Teresa. The ones that create amazing chalk drawings astound me. They recognize the transience of life, of art when it rains on their creations that took hours to create. I enjoyed your post!

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