Gum Trees

“I am alive among the tall trees.” – unknown

Gum trees or Eucalyptus trees are native to Australia. They dominate the Australian landscape and can be seen in forests, wetlands, bush lands, and shrub lands.

Thursday Tree Love

It is beautiful to look at especially with the sky as background. But my concern is, the Eucalyptus tree has a shallow root system that makes it dangerous. There have been many cases, especially when there’s strong wind, that the branches of the Gum tree just falls off and the tree is just fully uprooted (as seen below).


  1. Gum trees always look wrong in the NZ landscape, but they are everywhere. I never really understood their beauty till a year or two ago when I drove around the Barossa and Adelaide Hills. I love the light through your tree. And how sad it must be to see them felled by a strong wind.

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  2. I love the Eucalyptus. In India, they grow very tall and don’t branch out a lot. Love the white bark and the fragrance around it. I loved your pictures. Thanks for joining, Teresa and see you back on the 24th!


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