Melbourne Jungle

“Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.” – unknown

Oh Melbourne … we are still in Stage 4 lockdown so it will still be a long time before I can walk your streets again. In the meantime here are some doors taken a while back.

This is a Jungle street art of Makatron in Meyers Place in the middle of Melbourne.

Thursday Doors

Mike Maka is primarily a painter who works in a variety of media, mainly on walls, canvas and illustration on paper. He has travelled and created work around the world, painting the Berlin Wall to the River Ganges. At 20, he received a scholarship to study art in New York, which led to working as a bike messenger for 10 years in 10 cities, and leaving his mark on many walls. An active member of Everfresh Studio since 2006, Mike has exhibited extensively through Australia as well as group shows in Brazil, Japan, Miami and New York, and has works in private and public collections locally and abroad, including acquisitions by the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, as well as working in institutions such as National Gallery of Victoria and MONA Tasmania. –


  1. Sorry to hear about the lockdown. Here in Arizona we’re doing much better, but masks inside any businesses of course. Finally most people are obeying that. Anyway, I love the mural/s and the yellow door. Such wonderful colors.


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