Having Perfect Symmetry

“Somehow from being perfect halves of a symmetry, we become asymmetrical.” – unknown

What is symmetry? Something is symmetrical when it is the same on both sides. A shape has symmetry if a central dividing line (a mirror line) can be drawn on it, to show that both sides of the shape are exactly the same. – google

Some places that has symmetrical architecture: the Gare du Nord Train Station in Paris, the Charles Bridge in Prague, The Palace of Versailles in Paris, The Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest, the National Gallery of London…and that’s me amidst the street art of Melbourne.

Lens Artist Photo Challenge

Please click photos to enlarge

Symmetry in nature: the reflection in a lake in Laguna, Philippines, a flower from one of my walks near my home, two ducks swimming away from the other ducks in the pond and lastly a walkway in a park in London.


    1. Thanks so much Patti. Greatly appreciate your wonderful comment. Yea, I miss Melbourne too since I haven’t been to the CBD for a few months already. But situations here are getting better and hopefully soon we can go out and about again. Be safe.

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