Angel of Budapest

“There’s still good in people.” – Arun

A very colourful mural in the VII District of Budapest done by a Spanish artist, Okuda San Miguel. This mural is called the “Angel of Budapest” or sometimes called the “Spanish Schindler”. It is a tribute to s Spanish diplomat, Angel Sanz Briz, who saved over 5,000 Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust.

Monday Murals


        1. Oh I see, thought you were talking about the artist. Anyway, we are not alone…i think no one knew about him and what he did until he passed away in 1980. Only after then was he given recognition. Thanks for the comment my dear!

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  1. I had never heard of Angel of Budapest, I’m happy he got a very deserving mural.
    We have an Okuda mural in Perth, and I even spoke to him when he was painting his mural.
    I don’t know when this mural was painted by I checked the location and we ate in a nearby restaurant and missed this mural. We also stayed in the VII district when we visited Budapest 2 years ago.

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    1. If you went there in 2018, it must have been there, because we were there in November of 2018. Okuda’s murals are amazing because of its colours, vibrant and attractive. Lucky you, for having met him. Thanks for your comment Sami!


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