Thankful to be Alive

“Waking up to see another day is a blessing. Don’t take it for granted. Make it count and be happy that you’re alive.” – Helen Barry

The 5th of October is my third year of being given a second chance to life.

Thank you Lord.

I had a stroke 3 years ago…at first I asked: why me? But now I am just forever full of gratitude that I am still able to wake up each morning and see the beauty of the world.

Featured are my first drawings when I was in rehab. Some of them I had given to my fellow stroke survivors to make their day a little brighter.

KindaSquare #5 – The Thankful Kind

Kindness of the people around me have made my recovery so much better …

Photos from left to right of my memories from those few weeks (if anybody’s interested):

-started to do simple everyday tasks like writing, cooking and drawing with the help of rehab doctors and nurses

-my husband was my anchor through all of these

-my bed where I spent my rehab hours

-my rehab mentor who guided me in my learning process back to my new life

-my friends and family then up to now who are part and parcel of my recovery

-my daughter who was in Nepal when I had my stroke. (I felt bad for her because she wanted to come home and be by my bedside while she was in the middle of her trekking, but I told her not to)

-though I couldn’t recall using my phone at first, i got better in using it and knowing which buttons to push. (Can you imagine not knowing how to turn on your own phone?)

-my son was worried too since he was so far away from me

-the nurses and doctors who took real good care of me

“Be kind and be grateful that GOD is kind.: – Jeffrey Holland


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