Melbourne – 100 Days of Lockdown

“HAPPINESS IS…simply staying at home” – unknown

Today, the 16th of October is a significant milestone…it marks the 100th day since the stage four lockdown rules came into place here in Melbourne. 100 days means 2,400 hours of “staying at home” restrictions ….and that is a very, very, very long time to just be able to go only within the 5 km radius of your home and only up to 2 hours of exercise daily.

Don’t get me wrong…I love seeing my swan friends and birds and flowers but sometimes it gets kinda boring when they don’t reply when I talk to them 🙄

Our cases are down to single digits but occasionally going up to double digits. Hopefully there will be good news regarding the easing of restrictions on the promised date of 19th of October. Fingers crossed 🤞 as that is a day before my birthday!


  1. Oh Teresa … single digits – you guys should have been out of the lockdown already! Have you heard that “when you decree a thing ,it shall be established?” (of course I always forget where it is, but you can look t up). Decree. EVERY promise God is for you.
    Not a long time ago, when I complained, God answered me with “Be the solution Try it, decree it EVERY DAY, and the enemy of God has to step aside to open the door! like to say some more, but can I have your email?

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