My Hideaway – the Dandenongs

“This moment will be just another story one day.” Anonymous

Nowadays, my personal hideaway is, as you may already know, is my local wetlands. That is where I go to be by myself and be with nature. But I have posted that so many times before. So now I wanna share with you my hideaway pre COVID-19.

This is the Dandenongs… the Dandenong Ranges is a set of low mountains in the Southeast of Melbourne.

LAPC – My Hideaway – The Dandenongs

Please click image to enlarge

A short 30 minute drive up, my husband and I go there to escape the busy life during the week.

At times going with friends to have a bit of a walk and enjoy the trees, the sky, the scenery and the company.


    1. Yes, definitely lucky to have it near but still exceeds the allowable km. during lockdown. Hopefully when rules get a little bit more lenient, then I can visit this place again. Thanks for the comment Tina!


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