Then & Now

“Every trip is lived three times: when you dream of it, when you go, and when you remember it.” – unknown

UPDATE: I believe Australia is rather in a good place right now…with regards to the Pandemic. Melbourne has recorded 23 days of zero cases of Covid-19.

Christmas is back on for Victorians with a series of sweeping changes to the state’s coronavirus restrictions after months in strict lockdown. Starting from December 13, residents will be allowed to host Christmas parties and other gatherings inside their homes for up to 30 guests. In a more immediate change, from 11.59pm tonight, masks will no longer have to be worn outdoors, as long as social distancing is maintained. –

Talking about travel is what makes my eyes light up. It starts from the months of planning, to the actual joy of experiencing and seeing a new city or country, to the years after reliving and remembering wonderful memories.

THEN … Just less than a year ago, I can go wherever I please (as long as the money’s there). NOW …though Melbourne doesn’t have much restrictions anymore, travelling is still not a reality.

THEN… I have a list of countries in my bucket list. NOW… any country that Melbourne’s borders may open to is the place to go.

It is no secret that the travel industry has been the most affected with this pandemic. Even if we are allowed to go back to travelling, I for one, would still be hesitant to rush to it. We don’t even know what travelling post-pandemic will look like.

In the meantime THEN… let me take you back to a few of my travel photos and NOW… I have started to do some travel drawings in pen and ink. Hope you enjoy them!

LAPC – Then & Now

45 replies to “Then & Now

    1. When things go back to what it was then maybe you can try travelling to Australia. It is a beautiful place. Thanks so much for the comment and for stopping by, Rick.


    1. Thanks Ann-Christine. Yes so grateful that things are slowly going back to near normal as it can be. Hopeful for all of us especially now that the festive season is just around the corner. Stay safe my dear.


      1. Yes – I am afraid most of us up here in Europe will have a lonely Christmas. At least in Scandinavia. The cold makes us stay indoors, and that is not good for the spreading of Corona. Stay safe you too.

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  1. You are such a talented drawer or sketch artist, which ever is correct. I’m so glad that Melbourne is doing so well. I talked to a friend from there in July who was concerned because of the restrictions and that many people weren’t heeding them. It sounds like they came around and helped bring about a big change. I hope that happens here sometime soon. Have a wonderful week.

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    1. Yes, there were a few that were not following the rules but more people were doing the right thing. So for about 4 months we were in strict lockdown and that helped us a lot. I am hoping that good things will happen to your country and to the rest of the world.Have a good week too, Marsha.

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  2. Wow, your drawings are excellent! And what a good way to ease your travel itch. I so agree with what you say at the top of this post, about the planning stage of travelling, and the memories afterwards, all being part of the pleasure it brings. I can’t wait to get back out there, hopefully some time next year now that we know vaccines are on their way! I wonder how different it will be?

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    1. First of all thanks for your nice words about my drawing. And yes, I am wondering too what it will be like post pandemic.Maybe people will be rushing to get on that first plane or maybe people may still be apprehensive. We just have to wait and see. Have a good day Sarah.

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  3. Wow! Go Melbourne!! Our case counts in the U.S are soaring at the moment. I hope they subside so we can use our postponed visit to Australia next year. Nice photos and sketches too, by the way.

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