Take Me There…Tomorrow

This is the 27th consecutive day where Victoria has recorded no new locally acquired cases of coronavirus.

That is good news but we can never tell with this virus what tomorrow will bring. I and my co blogger Alison of Travels with Ali were planning to meet up in Melbourne when she comes over supposedly in the next few weeks. But that isn’t happening now because of a sudden lockdown in Western Australia.

When I think of tomorrow, I think of uncertainty and I feel sad. No, this is not just about travel… I know most of us are thinking of that too, but this is a wish, a prayer and this is I, hoping that sometime soon in the near TOMORROW I can go and see my son in London.

Tuesday Photo Challenge- Tomorrow

It has been almost three years when I last gave my son a big hug. When I left Heathrow in November of 2018, I wasn’t worried because I was thinking that he can come over to Melbourne the following year or we can go on a family holiday in the Philippines, as we were planning, in 2021. But none of that pushed through as pandemic swept the whole world. And now, who knows where tomorrow will take us …

Miss you my boy!

36 replies to “Take Me There…Tomorrow

  1. Love that picture of you and your son. In all the uproar of Covid death and destruction, we forget about the smaller side effects. Families are kept apart, whether by miles and travel restrictions, or a glass barrier at a nursing home. My kids live closer to me than yours, but we still have to be careful. I fear we’ll get into the habit of not seeing each other after all of this, and lose our former closeness.

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    1. That photo is the very last time that I was able to hug him before I boarded my flight so that photo is very memorable to me. Covid really destroyed a lot of things to families and loved ones near or far. Thanks for the comment Geanie and stay safe always wherever you are.


    1. I know you can still do that Ali. Australia is good in containing cases. And yes, my daughter is only an hour away from me but my son is a million miles away.


  2. Oh, bless you, Teresa- I know exactly how that feels! It’s much less time for me but still it feels like forever. We have April flights booked to the UK but no certainty that they will happen. Sharing hugs! 🙂 🙂

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    1. I have a feeling that until the whole world is vaccinated then it would still be an unsafe situation… so that means a long time still. But I am still hoping . Thanks for your nice words, Sarah ❤️

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  3. Your words echo those of everyone who is separated from family. None of mine live in this country and I live alone. I manage, but it’s tough not to be able to see family members who normally I would see a few times a year. Still, we must be grateful for what we have, a roof over our head, food and heat, and I still have hope that soon this nightmare will be over for all of us.

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  4. My heart breaks for you, Teresa – it is way too long not to be able to see your child (he looks all grownup but they will always be our babies!). It is tough when families are unable to meet. And things are so uncertain that plans can’t even really be made.

    Hang in there! Big hug!

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