Melbourne’s Short, Sharp Lockdown

“We’re all just passing time and occupy our chair very briefly.” – John Hurt From midnight tonight up to midnight Wednesday Victoria is back to Stage 4 Restrictions Lockdown. As tough and as challenging as it is, Victoria Premier Dan Andrews announced that we are doing this to prevent a third wave. This is the…

Being 62

“Nobody expects to trust his body overmuch after the age of fifty.” – Alexander Hamilton I was walking last week when all of a sudden I felt my knees being misaligned. I don’t know if that is the term but that is what it felt like. But it did’t stay long that way and it…

“Me Day”

“Soft sand, rolling waves, and endless sunshine. What’s not to love?” – Selena Barrientos Yesterday, I posted some snow photos in London from my son, during one of his walks in the park near where he lives. Today, I have some summer photos from my daughter, Pat, when she went to Brighton Beach in Melbourne….

3 Doors and a Bird

“I saw a birdhouse on a tree. Watched a little bird trying to flee. That’s what I call nature’s beauty.” – Vikram Varma Thought I might have some fun with my post today. I just noticed this birdhouse…as tiny as it is, has three doors. Thursday Doors