The Doors in 1 Mater Street

“Open the door… it may lead you some place you never expected.”

I went to this gallery known as Le Space in 1 Mater Street, Collingwood. It is a fairly new contemporary gallery comprising a mixture of formal and informal viewing spaces with a number of doors.

Thursday Doors

22 replies to “The Doors in 1 Mater Street

  1. These are wonderful. I love the way you use open doors to frame beautiful settings, as well as the perspective looking down the hallways. You have a gifted eye for what will work in a photo, Teresa.

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  2. Love your third image – beautiful door. Of course also the arched door with the painting behind it:) Sorry, can’t remember if I got back to your last comment – when I am writing/editing everything falls by the way side, because I hate the editing part. So, it’s not you, but what I am doing:):) Have a great weekend, Jesh

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