Trees by the Windows

“The wisdom’s in the trees, not in the glass windows.” – unknown I don’t really know what this building is or what these trees are. I was just attracted to it because from afar, I thought the trees were paintings on the wall of the building. I had to walk nearer and only then did…

Yellow Flower

“Today is going to be a great day.” The sky may be grey today where I am, but that is not a reason not to be happy. Happy Monday everyone. This is for Cee’s FOTD challenge #macroMonday

Mahatma Gandhi in Dandy

“LIVE as if you were to die tomorrow. LEARN as if you were to live FOREVER.” – Mahatma Gandhi The word “Dandy” has been taken from one of the southeast suburb of Melbourne called Dandenong which has been identified as one of the most multicultural suburb in Melbourne mostly populated with people from different communities….