Looking out through a Window

Looking out through a window of the Emporium foodcourt, my eyes were drawn to this pretty, pink building with a rooftop bar and lush greeneries at the bottom.

It got me researching on what the history of the building was. DENYER’S is located in Swanston Street and is a heritage listed building in Melbourne. Denyer’s in 1889, was a reseller and manufacturer of veterinary products

It is great that Melbourne is paying respect to the original architecture and have left these original signs of the buildings and not painting over them.

Inspired by Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge


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  1. Ludwig says:

    Those windows in the Denyers building did not look out at that many all around in the early days. Times have changed. Glad that there are some mementos from earlier times.

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  2. You’ve got me scratching my head as to why I’ve never noticed that building. I must zip into town and check it out.

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    1. Teresa says:

      Haha you can look out near the toilet near the food court


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