Tim and Leigh arrived back in London a few days ago, safe and sound. These shots were taken in Balaclava last week during their last day here in Melbourne. Balaclava is an inner suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 7 km south-east of Melbourne’s CBD. We had a walk in the bustling Carlisle Street which is…

Back Doors around Chapel Street

“I’ve been waiting for that bright sunshine to show up and shine in my back door someday.” ~ Luther Allison Here are some back doors around Chapel Street in Melbourne, that had designs that are recognisable. And here are some that I don’t really understand but the colours are nice anyway.

Lovely Flowers down my Street

“No flower wants to be at home when it is raining outside.” – Mehmet Murat Ildan Lucky enough… the heavy downfall stopped when I got off the bus. It was great to see these variety of flowers having droplets of water on its petals. Photos taken with my iphone while walking down my street. For…

Window Displays around town

“She stared at her reflection in the glossed shop windows as if to make sure, moment by moment, that she continued to exist.” – Sylvia Plath Just random interesting shop window displays around town. I think in Fitzroy and in Thornbury… who knows… I just snapped away.

Melbourne Doors

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas And yet again … some Street Art doors in Melbourne.

Old and New in the City

Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia and is characterised by a variety of architecture. The city is particularly known for its mixture of Victorian architecture and modern buildings. Here are some examples of new buildings in juxtaposition to older ones and showing various windows .

Windows in Acland Street

Acland Street in St Kilda is famous for its mouthwatering cake and pastry shops. The upper windows of these shops are a bit antiquated being remnants of old Acland Street.

Shoreditch Murals from Tim

“The important thing is that each work is always guided by passion.” – Jorit Agoch Some photos sent to me by Tim from his walk. Thanks son ❤️ For Marsha’s Photographing Public Art Challenge This is a mural by Street Artist WOSKerski in Shoreditch, London, UK. This is a tribute of WOSKerski to the brave…

Window Mural

“Two men look out a window. One sees mud, the other sees the stars.” -Oscar Wilde. I happened to pass by these windows and this mural and said to myself… what a beautiful artistic world we have. For Ludwig’s Monday Window

Another Murals and Doors Kind of Day

Art is a line around your thoughts.― Gustav Klimt When walking the streets I always remind myself to look left and right, up and down and to look back. Photographing Public Art Challenge PPAC Some more murals but this time with DOORS

A special place…

“This is a very special place with a very special atmosphere.” – Kevin Keegan The special place I am featuring today for Lens Artist Photo Challenge is not somewhere from my travels, or some amazing landscapes, or some vistas in another land. Pat, my daughter, wanted to take me to this park slash market slash…

My Other Blog

“The goal is to die with memories not dreams.” I have just started a new blog and have arranged my files from my hard drive. I decided to post solely about my travels from 2012 up to the present…and hopefully up to lots more years in the future. It is really my blog but it…