Doors around Manila (part 1)

Some doors which I photographed from Manila… some of these doors obviously need repainting. For Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge This barber is waiting for customers to come in through that open door. Some locked doors.

“Tuloy po kayo”

Tuloy Po Kayo is a Filipino warm welcoming expression to invite you to someone’s home or to simply say welcome. Here is my nephew on the signage in the front of the Nemiranda Atelier Museum The art door of the Blanco Museum. Opposite the Blanco museum is this colourful toucan door. A pretty door of…

Saturday Morning Surprise

It is a sunny Saturday morning and I just woke up. When I looked at my phone I saw this message from Tim and I thought it was more from his travels, but it wasn’t…it is from the Spitafiuelds/Shoreditch area in London where he lives. Happy that he was thinking of me while walking around….

Tram Doors

Some trams with new colourful designs that ran around the city of Melbourne. Plus an additional cute elevator door that is just random because it is a leftover photo. Inspired by Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge

The Carnival Came to Town

Accidentally passed by this huge empty lot where the circus was to be set up. Inspired by Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge

Morocco’s Arches and Doors

Tim and Leigh are still on holidays in Marrakech. He sent me loads of photos and some were just in time for today’s topic. So I just want to share some of them for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge – CMMC and for Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge. The topic for this week for Cee’s Challenge is…

More doors near Chapel Street

Last week I shared mural doors on the main strip of Chapel Street. Today, let me take you to more doors but in the residential area of the suburb of South Yarra for Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge. And some seats in restaurants around the commercial area for Xingfumama’s Pull Up a Seat Challenge.

Chapel Street doors

Chapel Street Precinct is an iconic shopping strip that spans across the three suburbs of Windsor, Prahran and South Yarra in Melbourne. There’s so much to see in this street… vintage stores, high fashion, cafes market, art galleries. But, I am not featuring any of those, because today I want to share some murals with…

A town named Szentendre

It was the 17th of November in 2018 when Jack and I visited Szentendre. It was just about 40 minutes away from Budapest and it was an optional activity for our tour of Central Europe. So glad that we joined, as this became one of the highlights of our trip. For Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge,…

And just like that…it’s Christmas market time

“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more?”- The Grinch Stole Christmas Author: Dr. Suess Is it just me? Or did 2022 go so fast? Christmas doors from Christmas markets are always fun times! Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge