Wooden Wheels in Vigan

Wooden wagon wheels which are very common in the cobblestone streets of Vigan, Ilocos Sur in the Philippines). Inspired by Debbie’s One Word Sunday- Wheels

Washing in Hilario Street

It so warm in Manila that one doesn’t really need a clothe’s dryer. These photos were taken in Hilario Street, Makati where our ancestral home is located. Just hang your clothes anywhere and you’ll be alright. Debbie’s one word Sunday – Washing

Melbourne Skyline

Melbourne skyline from the bay in Brighton, a suburb in the South-east of the CBD. Another image of the Melbourne skyline from the bridge overlooking the Yarra River in the CBD. Bluish cast of the Melbourne skyline, a shot taken while walking through Westgarth Street in Northcote, a suburb in the north-east of the CBD….