More doors near Chapel Street

Last week I shared mural doors on the main strip of Chapel Street. Today, let me take you to more doors but in the residential area of the suburb of South Yarra for Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge. And some seats in restaurants around the commercial area for Xingfumama’s Pull Up a Seat Challenge.

A walk in the Montalto Winery

We went on a short getaway last April to Rye and on our way home we had lunch at the Montalto Winery in Red Hill. This is a late post and I just didn’t get the chance to write about this. Anyway, the winery is located in Red Hill, a small town on the Mornington…

In Bay Street

In one of the quiet corners of Bay Street in Brighton, you may (or may not) see this Asian beauty entitled ‘Zuihou’, which is a work of Fin DAC. I say this because the mural is located behind a lush tree outside the Post Office that you will hardly notice it. But not from my…

Barrel Chairs

It is so wonderful to see how creative people can be. Take for example a simple metal barrel… can you imagine it being transformed to these unique looking chairs and tables for a cafe? Xingfumama’s Pull Up a Seat Challenge