Hosier Lane Tuesday Streetart – 8

This is in Hosier Lane in Melbourne. I didn’t even notice the person looking at me until now that I am posting it. Sorry for invading your space.

A work by El Rolo, one of the few artists brave enough to keep painting through all the Melbourne covid19 lockdowns! This is one of his newer work.


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  1. restlessjo says:

    Teresa, how could you not see him? It makes such an evocative photo. Hope he’s ok.

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    1. Teresa says:

      Well, I was so engrossed with finding street art that I didn’t quite notice how he was staring straight at me haha.

      That’s the sad thing, even though Australia is a first world country there are a lot of homelessness here. I hope he is ok too.


  2. Toonsarah says:

    The person actually makes the shot – great as the art is (and I really like it), having human interest too really enhances it although I’m sure he’d rather not have to be there. But how you didn’t notice him baffles me!

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    1. Teresa says:

      Well I don’t know really. But I was focusing on the clarity of the mural…. Silly me.

      But you know what, maybe if I had noticed him there I wouldn’t have taken the photo…as I have said before I am not like you taking good candid shots.

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      1. Toonsarah says:

        Well this is a very good candid shot 😀

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