Monday Window

Here is a window from the Museo Orlina, an art museum in Tagaytay, Philippines.

Looking over the balcony

We stayed on the 6th floor of my sister’s place in Makati, Philippines and these are some if the windows that I saw from where I stood. This was taken on our first day of holidays. Inspired by Ludwig’s Monday Window

Looking out through a Window

Looking out through a window of the Emporium foodcourt, my eyes were drawn to this pretty, pink building with a rooftop bar and lush greeneries at the bottom. It got me researching on what the history of the building was. DENYER’S is located in Swanston Street and is a heritage listed building in Melbourne. Denyer’s…

Windows, Seats & Murals from Marrakech

A continuation of Tim’s photos from Marrakech….just amazing textures of arched windows. The first one is looking very much like a watercolour painting to me. … and some cozy seats to relax on. And lovely wall murals which you may know is one of my favourite pleasures. My son knows me too well that is…

A walk at the Blue Lotus Water Garden

It was only 23 degrees but it was quite warm as it is summer. So a spray of mist at the start of our walk kept us going. This is called the Bridge of Mist. Inspired by Jo’s Monday Walk Jez’s Water Water Everywhere At first we didn’t know how big the place was… until…

Near & Far

The windows of a Bar and Bottleshop called Near & Far in the corner of Brunswick Street and Rose Street in Fitzroy, Victoria. Inspired by Ludwig’s Monday Windows Challenge

219-225 Smith Street

Smith Street is one of Melbourne’s oldest thoroughfares and it dates back to the 1800s. Today, some of the heritage buildings are remodelled on street level but the decorative detail of the upper floors have remained intact. One of these buildings is the Hannaford’s Pianos & Organs building in Collingwood (Melbourne, Victoria). Now, walking through…

Christmas Market and food truck windows

There is no better way to experience the Christmas season than by having lunch at a Sunday market. Jack and I went to the Akoona Market, somewhere in the Southeast of Melbourne, to sample the varied cuisines and to admire the decorations on the windows of the food trucks! For Ludwig’s Monday Window