My Melbourne weekend

Saturday, I and hubby decided to go to the city just because… We started off at about 4 pm and saw this magnificent autumn colours and the weekend sky. Inspired by Hammad’s Weekend Sky Challenge I wanted to go and see the Temple of Boom at the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria). We got there…

Is it raining … or not?

The sky in my backyard And at the same time, the sky in my front yard. Will have to wait a few more minutes to see what’s going on. Haha Inspired by Hammad Rais’ Weekend Sky

Blue Skies for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day to all the hardworking, persevering, caring, loving, funny Mothers out there from all parts of the world! Hope your day was/is great! This is my blue skies for Hammad Rais’ Weekend Sky Challenge. Opposite the cafe where we had lunch! Lunch at a pretty pink cafe called Feekah. Thanks to my kids…

Weekend Sunday Sky

After a few wet days … my Sunday turned out to be a pleasant sunny day. Have a great day everyone. Inspired by Hammad Rais’ Weekend Sky

Saturday morning

Pampas Grass with the wonderful blue weekend sky as background. Inspired by Hammad Rais’ Weekend Sky and Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenges

My Weekend Sky in 7 Hours

“The sky is an infinite movie to me. I never get tired of looking at what’s happening up there.” – K. D. Lang Morning changes to my Weekend Sky. From 9 am dark, grey skies to a stunning 4 pm bright blue sky.

My sky yesterday

I don’t want to share my weekend sky for today because it is plain dark, gloomy and wet. But this was my yesterday sky… isn’t it wonderful? Inspired by Hammad Rais’ Weekend Sky

Look at that Glorious Weekend Sky

I haven’t been to the city for a long time because I went overseas then I had a problem with my knee. First time to try walking the streets of Melbourne again. Inspired by Hammad’s Weekend Sky and Debbie’s Six Word Saturday And as a bonus, I saw this pretty tram which I think is…

Weekend Sky from the Backyard

I can hear the birds chirping while I am hanging my washing. I know hanging the clothes on the washing line is not normal to some of the people reading this… especially for my friends in America. But this is one of my favourite activity of the day. Am I weird? Inspired by Hammad Rais’…

Weekend Sky … for a Golden Wedding Anniversary

Forecast was 35 degrees but it didn’t reach that scorching hot… lucky for my friends who were celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary. This was the weekend sky at the Wilson Botanic Gardens in Berwick. These are my take on the photos taken on my phone and as you may notice they are all not looking…

Weekend Sky …. Home

Where is home? Home is a place where you belong. And for me it is Melbourne… but it is also my homeland the Philippines, where I went for a 3 week holiday with good friends and family. For this weekend here is the skies somewhere on the way back to Australia. For Hammad Rais’ Weekend…

Weekend Sky in Nasugbu

Went to Careluega Church in Nasugbu, Batangas while on holidays in the Philippines and this is the road where we passed. Inspired by Hammad Rais’ Weekend Sky

Weekend Sky in Makati

Sunrise on the 6th floor of my sister’s place. On the foreground are condominiums and highrise that are very common in the Makati skyline. Makati is the central business district of the Philippines and every time I go back home it takes me a long time to recognise where we are because of the new…