Looking over the balcony

We stayed on the 6th floor of my sister’s place in Makati, Philippines and these are some if the windows that I saw from where I stood. This was taken on our first day of holidays. Inspired by Ludwig’s Monday Window

Peace amidst chaos

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.”-Deepak Chopra. Holidays are not just all noise and laughter and catching up with people… there can also be some down time. I was just in the Philippines a few days ago and in between the chaos, I found some time for myself. These…

Washing in Hilario Street

It so warm in Manila that one doesn’t really need a clothe’s dryer. These photos were taken in Hilario Street, Makati where our ancestral home is located. Just hang your clothes anywhere and you’ll be alright. Debbie’s one word Sunday – Washing

Weekend Sky …. Home

Where is home? Home is a place where you belong. And for me it is Melbourne… but it is also my homeland the Philippines, where I went for a 3 week holiday with good friends and family. For this weekend here is the skies somewhere on the way back to Australia. For Hammad Rais’ Weekend…

Weekend Sky in Nasugbu

Went to Careluega Church in Nasugbu, Batangas while on holidays in the Philippines and this is the road where we passed. Inspired by Hammad Rais’ Weekend Sky

Weekend Sky in Makati

Sunrise on the 6th floor of my sister’s place. On the foreground are condominiums and highrise that are very common in the Makati skyline. Makati is the central business district of the Philippines and every time I go back home it takes me a long time to recognise where we are because of the new…

Saturday Morning Surprise

It is a sunny Saturday morning and I just woke up. When I looked at my phone I saw this message from Tim and I thought it was more from his travels, but it wasn’t…it is from the Spitafiuelds/Shoreditch area in London where he lives. Happy that he was thinking of me while walking around….

Tram Doors

Some trams with new colourful designs that ran around the city of Melbourne. Plus an additional cute elevator door that is just random because it is a leftover photo. Inspired by Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge

A lovely day with Pat

Caught up with my daughter, Pat, in the city last Saturday and we had a lovely time. This is my daughter having an art appreciation at the gallery. Inspired by Xingfumama’s Whatsoever is Lovely

Looking out through a Window

Looking out through a window of the Emporium foodcourt, my eyes were drawn to this pretty, pink building with a rooftop bar and lush greeneries at the bottom. It got me researching on what the history of the building was. DENYER’S is located in Swanston Street and is a heritage listed building in Melbourne. Denyer’s…

Art in monochrome

“Colour is everything, black and white is more.” – Dominic Rouse I haven’t been anywhere far or exciting these past few days except for museums and galleries. So that is where my mindset is right now. Inspired by Patti’s on Lens Artist Photo Challenge- Shadows and Reflections in Monochrome, here are some photos I have…

A Sitting Koala

Last Wednesday, I opted not to attend my morning swimming class and just go to a gallery instead. Well, why not? Went to the local Bunjil Place to see the work of Sydney-based artist Rosie Deacon. She is well known for her exuberant sculptural installations, This exhibit is created specifically for Bunjil Place Gallery. SPAGHETTI-STACK-SNUFFLE-SHUFFLE…